Friday, 19 August 2016

5 Vintage Summer Trends in 2016

5 Vintage Summer Trends that I'm hoping to keep next year

1. Chokers:

Those were everything in the 90's, gives you a great shape for your neck, and gives you the ultimate Vintage/Modern style, YUP! Vintage/Modern that's whats it's all about this summer.

It's there on the Runway, Parties, and everyday on the Streets.

2. Shoulder's:
What goes best with a Choker is sexy shoulders, this summer there are so many different ways to show your shoulder's, whatever your style is, you can wear it in so many different ways, can be a little hippie or way too classy, whatever your feelings that day, there are so many ways to show your shoulders this year

3. Sneakers 

Sneakers are the new Sexy, let's face it, the style queens will not be giving it up anytime soon.

you can always wear them with dresses.

Shorts, Pants, Sporty or Chick.

 but my favorite that I know will last a life time and will go with literally anything you wear is a White Converse.

4. Bomber Jackets:

all of a sudden Bomber Jackets are the coolest, just like they were in the 90's, and you can find them in your favorite stores, like Forever 21 and Stradivarius, will keep you stylish during summer chili nights.

you can always wear them over any style your into

5. One-Piece Swim Suite

and when it's sunny you do not want to miss the beach, YES! we're back to the 90's/20's One-Piece Swimsuit is now way more cooler than Bikini's

Kylie did it!, it's Vintage, it's Sexy. Selena made it!

 and to make your life easier, my favorite store Nasty Gal has all the Vintage and sexy One-Piece Swimsuits, you would want to buy them all believe me

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