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Edith Piaf

In 1935 Piaf was discovered in the Pigalle area of Parisby nightclub owner Louis Leplée. that was murder On 6 April 1936 by mobsters with previous ties to Piaf.

In 1944, she discovered Yves Montand in Paris, made him part of her act, and became his mentor and lover. Within a year, he became one of the most famous singers in France. She broke off their relationship when he had become almost as popular as she was.

The love of Piaf's life, the married boxer Marcel Cerdan, died in a plane crash in October 1949, while flying from Paris to New York City to meet her. Cerdan was the former middleweight world champion and a legend in France in his own right

Piaf married Jacques Pills, her first husband, in 1952 and divorced him in 1956.  In 1962, she wed to a Greek hairdresser-turned-singer and actor Theophanis Lamboukas, 

Édith Piaf's signature song, "La vie en rose", was written in 1945 and was voted a Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1998.

 In April 1963, Piaf recorded her last song, "L'Homme de Berlin".

Numerous songs by Piaf are used in films and other media, Love Me If You Dare pays tribute to her song La Vie En Rose by including various versions of the song in its soundtrack.
Also Piaf's life has been the subject of multiple films and plays:
Piaf...Her Story...Her Songs (2003) is a film starring Raquel Bitton
-La vie en rose (2007), a film about her life, Starring Marion Cotillard in the role that won her the Academy Award for Best Actress (Oscar), as Piaf anddirected by Olivier Dahan

Piaf died of liver cancer at age 47 on 11 October 1963,  Her last words were "Every damn fool thing you do in this life, you pay for."

In Paris, a two-room museum is dedicated to her, the Musée Édith Piaf.

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