Thursday, 3 December 2015

"A French Girl in Rome" Chanel Pre-Fall collection 2016 - the 60's are BACK

That's how Karl built the 60's Paris streets in Rome, that's how Karl wants it, and that's how Karl does it. The birds, the soft music, the night, the light. 
as per Karl "Paris, perhaps this way, never existed. In the '50s and '60s, you couldn't have crossed the street dressed like this without being taken for a streetwalker. It's more about the air, than about reality. It's a romantic idea of Paris, it's all about romance. Times are not that romantic, so we have to work on that." 

As he pictured it, he made it happen, he was going for the 60's with the hairstyle (crowned hair with a bow hair-tie).

as for the makeup,it goes well with the set, and it goes well with the collection he is bringing out, he went for the Dramatic Smudgy smokey eyes.

for the amazing collection, he mixed designed lingerie detailing lace, with classic Chanel suites.

Racey one-shoulder tops and black leather mini dresses

lace dresses with dark purple ostrich feathers.

Chanel jackets with caped shoulders, Fur, Very Paris.

the new Paris-Rome accessories collection of Pearl, Crystals, and Lace

Also, a shoulder bag in the shape of a vintage movie camera, and the incredible new shoe silhouette for Chanel, with a snake entwined around a pearl on the heel. 

You can watch the show here.

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